the end of one season, the beginning of another

September's here. I was home a few nights ago and on my drive back up to the river the following morning, I noticed these weird shapes in a field not far from home. I looked closer and realized that they were in fact goose decoys and there was a hunter laid out in the middle of them. I then started noticing that most of the maples on my normal route up to the river were starting to turn. Fall is nearly upon us. Up north, it's felt like fall for the last three weeks. With Timmy, Bart and Nelson done for the season, the reality is starting to set in.... the smallmouth season is nearly over. Fishing lately has been pretty good, with 80 to 90 percent of the fish coming from about 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The days are getting shorter and once the sun drops below those trees and the water and air start to cool, the day is as good as done. Topwater bugs are still working great on the warm afternoons and the Murdich and Barteaux are starting to work very well once again. Both patterns, twitched slowly over boulder drops and the edges of shelves are taking some very good fish. Mudbugs and Tequeelys have been the best flies for near-bottom work, fished slow with upstream mends to get the fly deep. As tough as it is every season to say goodbye to one river, it's so sweet to shake hands with another river that you haven't fished for half a year. It's getting to be that time again. A time when I no longer yearn to see those eighty-degree days, but rather the cooler days laden with rain clouds. For anyone afflicted with the steelhead sickness, this is the time of the year when we want to see our rivers swell and fall, swell and fall. Even if certain rivers don't see a ton of fish, just let there be enough water in them to swing a fly decently. Something tells me it's going to be another great year for big browns, I just hope that we don't see stretches icing before December like we did last year. I have a couple days off here, and then I head up for a week or so and that's about it for the season. I have a few random days here and there, with my last smallmouth trip on the 25th. Then it's off to Montana. Here's a pic from the other day of Kristy and Logan on the Oconto. Below on the right are some more recent pics as well.

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