2010 early season opener

I just got back into town after spending three days fishing the western side of Wisconsin. Temps were very warm and the fishing was great. There were a lot of people out enjoying the opener, which made it a bit hard to find water that hadn't been pressured. Today we only saw one other angler and had our best of the three days. Just about everywhere we stopped gave up at least a few fish, with some of the runs yielding nearly a dozen fish. We saw great midge and stonefly hatches and managed a good handful of fish on dries. The best combo of the weekend was an orange tungsten scud or pink squirrel with a zebra midge dropper. The orange was crucial in getting the fish's attention. I went to a gray scud/zebra for a bit today and didn't do nearly as well. Even an orange Ray Charles did the job quite well. The takes were often jarring and aggressive. The seams of currents that were in that 18 inch to 3 foot depth were the most productive. I loved casting my new Winston, it's a sweet little rod. All in all it was a great weekend. Everyone was catching fish, the weather was perfect and the company was the best. I hope everyone that made it out had a good weekend and safe travels. The 2010 season is finally here!


Wildwood Float Trips and Outfitters LLC said...

Once again no call! I was over yesterday on the rush and also did well. We could have a least shared a beer.


Luke Sipple said...

man I can't believe I missed the opener this year! I have been dreaming about the traditional steelie weekend... three hours of sleep, driving three hours, drinking three RedBulls to stay awake. :-) Can't wait!