another amazing outing

Tim and I again made the early morning rendezvous at one of our favorite tribs to see if we could duplicate our Wednesday trip. We weren't disappointed. Things started a little slow but at a little after 9 a.m. I hooked my first fish of the morning. It was a decent buck that dogged me for a few seconds before deciding to shoot downriver and into the rapids below. A couple big head shakes and he was free. Not more than ten casts later I hooked and promptly lost the biggest steelhead I've ever seen in my life. My first thought when he came to the surface was, my God that's a big Chinook! This fish rocketed upriver and like that....gone. I'll never forget the sight of that fish and I had to back out and recompose myself a bit. About an hour later I hooked and landed a nice buck, maybe six or seven pounds, out of a run that I seldom fish. Just upstream from there, I hooked and landed a dandy chrome hen of about eight or nine pounds and found out that on Tim's way out, he had landed a steelhead out of that same run about an hour before I got there. On the walk back to the truck I hit one more spot, Tim's favorite pool and a spot that I've never landed a fish out of. Today was no different. Ten casts in I get an eat, set the hook and a big silver flash bolts downriver and into a big dead-fall. That put me at two-for-five on the morning, another stellar outing. Now I just hope we get some rain. There is no snow left, even in the deepest reaches of the woods, to melt and give us water. With the rivers dropping quickly and only one day with rain predicted in the next ten days, it could be over sooner than we'd like.


Tim Landwehr said...

Hell of a start dude! POG did not pay off today. I was however wearing my woolen irish sweater.

J>S said...

and a swettin like only an 90 pound lepprechan could! top o the mornin to ya timmy!

i caught three fish today, but mine were ALOT smaller