lemmings in the wind

I was out on the tribs again this morning trying to replicate the success I had yesterday with the topwater flies. The river I fished yesterday was nearly devoid of fish today. Not that there was many around yesterday, but today it was like a ghost town. There weren't even that many suckers around. At the second river the story was just a little different. Still very little water but at least there were good numbers of fish. Some were on redds but the majority of them were spawned out fish that were either holding in the deeper pools or making their journey back out to the big pond. The winds made casting very tricky today and I was way over-dressed for the 72 degree freak-of-a-March day. After a long walk through the woods I happened upon a pool that had roughly eight to ten steelhead in it. They were leisurely swimming hot laps around the pool, not concerned that I nearly barged into their little lair. I put the Wiggle Minnow out there and after a couple dozen casts only managed a lazy follow. Then, I put on Mike Mercer's Lemming. This thing is a big mouse/lemming/rat looking thing with a foam popper head. After ten casts into the pool, the water boiled and a big head came up and whacked my fly. It was more like a head-butt than an actual strike. Awesome nonetheless. The lack of water is getting ugly. Indicator rigs have to be sans-weight in most of the runs because the water is moving so slow. Streamers will have to be lightly weighted or not at all. Rain is in the forecast, but the fields and woods are so dry it will take a lot to raise the rivers. I'm off to western WI this weekend to do some trout fishing with my brother and brother-in-law. Easter egg hunting with my little guy, good home cooking, dry fly weather and time with my family. Sounds alright. Just a reminder to anyone fishing in WI, your licenses expire tonight at midnight.


Allison Rae said...

Looking forward to seeing you, Kristy and Loggy Bear this weekend! Can't wait! I hope it doesn't rain too much and you boys can get out fishing.

paul westerberg of the replacements said...

anyone see "raising the ghost" yet? dry fly steelheading vid. solid. rock solid. i think it's called that, anyway.

ns said...


Yeah, we got a copy of Raising the Ghost when it first came out and you're right on...it is a great movie. One of the better fly fishing movies to come out in the last few years. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that hatchery steelhead won't react to surface flies because they don't have that "natural trout instinct"...now I know that that is not true. Fun stuff.