spring creeks and steelhead

Bart, Charlie and myself made the road trip down to the Driftless spring creeks on Sunday. My alarm came all too early...3:45 to be exact. We convened at the shop at 5 a.m. and hit the road. We were fishing by about 9:00 and the day could not have been more perfect. It was in the low fifties and sunny when we started fishing and near sixty by the end of the day. The first river we fished was just a bit off-color and dropping from the recent run-off. It was nice not to have to sneak around on your hands and knees and worry about spooking fish. With a water temp at fifty degrees, the fish were very aggressive. An orange tungsten scud fished tandem with a zebra midge was dynamite. All of the snow in the hills and hollows is gone, a big change from just a week ago. That means that these above average temps shouldn't cause any more run-off issues. After catching more than enough fish to keep us satisfied, we decided to head to another river and rip streamers for some big fish. We had a lot of drive-bys and flashes, but few fish made the full-on commitment. We made the switch to big San Juan worms and scuds under indicators and picked up a handful of fish. Going down there for just one day is tough. You get into a rhythm, catch some fish and like that, it's over and you have to hit the road. This Wednesday, Tim and I are going to head out and check some of the local steelhead rivers. Most of them are now free of ice but still high, dirty and cold. These warm temps will speed things along and by the weekend I expect some of them to be fishing well. I'll have an update on the water levels and temps when we get back.


Allison Rae said...

You have 32 people following this blog and over 35,000 views!! That's pretty dang amazing! I think you should give a prize to the 36,000th viewer!!

medium sized man said...

welcome to the 'working mans" spring creek fishing experience, get up early, drive down, fish a couple hours and drive back, its not easy being a working class stiff!. im oh so jealous! glad you guys rocked em!